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Our Mission Statement

To Provide World Class Technical Services. Advancement of Mobile Technologies. To Provide A Healthy Enviorment To Live and Enjoy.  

Some Services Our Company Provides

Custom Computer Builds

Network Services

Computer and System Repair

Computer Refresh Services

Malware * Virus * Account Password Lockout Services

Wifi Service And Installs

Software and App Development Services

In todays world of fast paced growth in technolgy the need for a company to understand the ever changing technology landscape is greater now than it has been in awhile. With COVID 19 among our communities the need to stay safe has been an urgent need. Many companies, schools and outdoor advantures require us to be aware of social diststance. Many have had to go to working at home and using technology to do just about all the task they were doing with out the use of technology and computers.

That has all changed now from shopping online to ordering food and staying in touch with family and friends. It is for these reasons the AMT Technical Solutions LLC takes it very seriously to provide high quality world class service and support to our customers. We are here for you and are proud to have the chance to be of assistance.

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